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Happy Howl

18 CASE (For Retail Distribution)

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We Go Above & Beyond

Every Order Feeds a Rescue Dog

We donate healthy food, supplies, and medical assistance to animal rescues across America.

100% Human-Grade Ingredients

Yes, you could eat it, too! Our food is made from delicious, high-quality ingredients that are also safe for humans.

Shelf Stable - No Freezing Required

Our revolutionary Steam & Pressure process means your pup's unopened food stays fresh in your pantry for 2 years!

Zero Artificial Preservatives

Pink Himalayan salt is technically a preservative, (we use it cause it’s tasty!) so that’s why we say “no artificial preservatives.”

Cooked In USDA Kitchen

All our food is hand-made in a kitchen regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Complete & Balanced for All Life Stages

100% of the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for your dog to be happy and healthy.

Responsibly-Sourced & Recyclable Packaging

Our lightweight carton-based packaging is responsibly sourced and 100% recyclable in the United States. It’s part of our commitment to attain a carbon-neutral footprint.

Exceeds AFFCO Requirements

Our recipes go above and beyond, exceeding nutritional standards for all stages of a dog's life.

  • FULL MEAL: 100%

    Get the complete benefit of Happy Howl's nutrient dense life-changing food

  • MIX-IN: 50%

    Split with your your homemade food or kibble to give your dog the nutrients they need

  • TOPPER: 25%

    Top-off your dogs current food to give them an extra boost and key nutrients to supplement their diets

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100% Meal Plan Guide (100% Happy Howl)

50% Meal Plan Guide (50/50 with other food)

25% Meal Plan Guide (25/75 with other food)