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Happy Howl

Farm to Bowl Recipes

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Our hearty meals are a pup palette-pleaser for even the pickiest of eaters! Can be served as a complete and balanced full meal (100% Happy Howl), a mix-in with homemade food or kibble (50% Happy Howl), or a delicious & nutritious meal-topper (25% Happy Howl) to fit every dogs needs and owners budget.

Not sure how much to feed your dog? Use our "Portion Calculator" below to help you create your recurring meal plan!

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Cartons (1 pound each)

Nutritional Information

Lamb Delight

Tasty Turkey Feast

Grandma's Beef Stew


100% Human Grade Ingredients

Our food is made from only ingredients that are safe for humans to eat too.

Shelf Stable - No Freezing Required

The unopened units of Happy Howl are good for 2+ years! So, you shouldn't have any worry of the food going bad.

Zero Artificial Preservatives

Pink Himalayan salt is technically a preservative, (we use it cause it’s tasty!) so that’s why we say “no artificial preservatives.”

Cooked In USDA Kitchen

We make our food in a location that is regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Complete & Balanced for All Life Stages

You bet your pup is getting all the nutrients they need from our meals, or else we wouldn’t be able to say so!

Responsibly-Sourced & Recyclable Packaging

Unlike other brands that list “meat” as an ingredient, our recipes are 100% real beef, lamb, or turkey.

Our lightweight carton-based packaging is responsibly sourced and 100% recyclable in the United States – and, it’s part of our commitment to attain a carbon-neutral footprint on our way to a circular economy.

Exceeding AFFCO Requirements

This means our meal plans have exceeded the nutritional standards for all doggo life stages.

Happy Rescue Doggies

Olive the Tiny Doodle