Ditch the fridge Tetris and freezer overflow. Forget the dust, the mess, and the questionable ingredients of processed kibble. Forget "meal-grade" mysteries and "byproduct" euphemisms. Now imagine a slow-simmered crockpot of real, vibrant food, bursting with fresh ingredients, gently pressure & steam cooked to lock in nature's bounty. That's Happy Howl - a revolution in canine cuisine.

  • Formulated by Vets and Canine Nutritionists

    The same homemade recipes that began in our Founders kitchen as he discovered away to save his sick dogs life but taken to the next level & professionally engineered to exceed AAFCO standards for complete & balanced meals with vital vitamins and minerals your dog needs.

  • Cooked in a USDA-Grade Kitchen

    Just like the food you eat yourself! Our facility upholds the highest standard of food production in the US and each batch is rigorously tested by a certified third-party for quality assurance & nutritional adequacy. All ingredients are sourced from local US farms and every step of the way we follow the most strict safety standards until it reaches your doggy door!

  • 100% Human-Grade Freshly-Cooked Ingredients

    Did you know that most dog food is "feed grade" or "meal grade" which means unsuitable for human consumption? This is all of the leftovers that food manufacturers can't legally sell for humans to eat! Most kibble is made from powders of ground up feed & meal grade ingredients.

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