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Happy Howl

Happy Joints - Cartilage & Mobility Supplement

Happy Joints - Cartilage & Mobility Supplement

A powerful blend of ingredients that supports mobility and joint health.

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Canine Joint and Cartilage Support & Mobility Supplement

Happy Joints contains a powerful blend of ingredients that work together to support joint health and mobility.

  • Grass-fed bone marrow: A rich source of collagen, which is essential for maintaining healthy cartilage.
  • Glucosamine sulfate: A natural substance that helps to lubricate joints and reduce inflammation.
  • Chondroitin sulfate: Another natural substance that helps to protect and repair cartilage.
  • MSM: A sulfur compound that helps to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Turmeric root extract: A powerful antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Quercetin: A bioflavonoid that helps to protect cells from damage.

Benefits of Happy Joints

  • Supports healthy joint function and mobility
  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Promotes cartilage repair and protection
  • Delays the onset of joint problems
  • Improves quality of life for dogs of all ages

Instructions for Use

Simply mix Happy Joints powder into your dog's food once a day. The recommended dosage for dogs less than 15 lbs is 0.5 scoops per day, 15-45 lbs is 1.0 scoops per day, and 45+ lbs 2.0 scoops per day.

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