Cracking the Code on Shelf Stability: How Happy Howl Keeps Meals Fresh Without Preservatives

Cracking the Code on Shelf Stability: How Happy Howl Keeps Meals Fresh Without Preservatives

Ever wonder how Happy Howl keeps its meals deliciously fresh and shelf-stable for up to two years, all without a single artificial preservative?

The answer lies in our cutting-edge steam and pressure cooking process, meticulously crafted within our USDA-grade kitchens. Here's a peek behind the curtain:

Step 1: Aseptic Packaging – Sealing in Freshness

The journey begins with our ingredients—human-grade goodness sourced from local US farms. Each individual ingredient finds its way into BPA-free, recyclable TetraPak cartons, aseptic environments that keep out contaminants and lock in that mouthwatering freshness our dogs love.

Step 2: Gentle Steam & Pressure Symphony – Preserving Nature's Bounty

Next, our proprietary steam and pressure method takes center stage. This carefully choreographed dance of heat and pressure optimizes nutrient retention and flavor:

    • Low and slow is our motto: Contrary to harsh & pulverizing flash-heat processing, our gentle steam bath preserves the goodness of your pup's food. Vitamins, minerals, and all those essential nutrients stay put, ready to nourish your furry friend.
    • Pressure makes perfect: A short burst of pressure further stabilizes the meals, extending their shelf life without compromising the delightful textures and aromas.

Step 3: Pressure Stabilization – The Shelf-Stability Secret Weapon

Finally, the pressure chamber works its magic once more, ensuring long-lasting stability and peace of mind. This final step completes the culinary masterpiece, guaranteeing your pup's meals stay fresh, safe, and irresistibly tasty for years to come.

The Shelf-Stability Symphony: A Chorus of Benefits

This harmonious blend of aseptic packaging, gentle cooking, and pressure stabilization creates a shelf-stable haven for your dog's meals, delivering a chorus of benefits:

    • Nutrient Powerhouse: Gentle cooking preserves more vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, fueling your dog's adventures with optimal health.
    • Flavor Fiesta: Quick cooking keeps the natural flavors and aromas of our ingredients dancing on your dog's palate, making mealtime a celebration.
    • Safety First: Aseptic processing and pressure stabilization eliminate harmful bacteria, keeping your furry friend safe from food-borne illness.
    • Convenience Champion: No refrigeration needed! Our ready-to-eat cartons are travel-friendly and easy to store, perfect for busy paw-rents on the go.
    • Eco-Conscious Heroes: We're committed to sustainability. Our recyclable cartons and renewable packaging solutions minimize our environmental paw-print.

Preservative-Free Freedom: Unleashing Transparency and Choice

By saying no to artificial preservatives, we say yes to cleaner labels and peace of mind. You can be confident that your dog is getting all the goodness of nature, without any unwanted extras.

Beyond the Bowl: Convenience and Flexibility

Our lightweight, portable recipe options are ready to fuel your dog's adventures, whether it's a hike in the park or a road trip across the country. No pre-planning or messy bowls—just open and serve up happiness!

Happy Howl: Where Sustainability Meets Deliciousness

We believe in nourishing both your dog and the planet. Our recyclable cartons and renewable packaging solutions ensure a lighter paw-print on the earth, while our delicious meals bring smiles to wagging tails.

So, the next time you reach for a Happy Howl carton, remember: the shelf-stability isn't magic, it's science and passion, meticulously crafted for your dog's health and delight.

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