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Happy Howl

100% Human-Grade Dog Food

100% Human-Grade Dog Food

"Bristol's vet said she developed a bladder stone from her kibble diet so we looked all over for alternatives and eventually found HappyHowl. The vet approves and she has done a 180 with digestion, itchy paws and overall energy!" - Katie, AZ

  • Supports Gut Health, Allergies, Weight & More
  • Shelf Stable with No Artificial Preservatives
  • No Freezer or Dry Ice Required


Size (1 Pack = 2 Meals for 25 lb dog)
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Full Nutritional Information

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Happy Howl vs The Rest

What Are You Feeding Your Dog?

Many Dog Food Companies Use Fancy Marketing Language to Make Their Recipes Sound Healthy. But Do You Know What You're Actually Feeding Your Best Friend?

We're More Than Just Good Looks

Convenient to Store, Easy to Feed and Environmentally Sustainable Recyclable Packaging

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Every Order Feeds a Rescue Dog

We donate healthy food, supplies, and medical assistance to animal rescues across America.

100% Human-Grade Ingredients

Yes, you could eat it, too! Our food is made from delicious, high-quality ingredients that are also safe for humans.

Shelf Stable - No Freezing Required

Our revolutionary Steam & Pressure process means your pup's unopened food stays fresh in your pantry for 2 years!

Zero Artificial Preservatives

Pink Himalayan salt is technically a preservative, (we use it cause it’s tasty!) so that’s why we say “no artificial preservatives.”

Cooked In USDA Kitchen

All our food is hand-made in a kitchen regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Complete & Balanced for All Life Stages

100% of the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for your dog to be happy and healthy.

Responsibly-Sourced & Recyclable Packaging

Our lightweight carton-based packaging is responsibly sourced and 100% recyclable in the United States. It’s part of our commitment to attain a carbon-neutral footprint.

Exceeds AFFCO Requirements

Our recipes go above and beyond, exceeding nutritional standards for all stages of a dog's life.