It's Official! Happy Howl is Available to Order!

It's Official! Happy Howl is Available to Order!

Happy Howl – A Happier & Healthier Dog Starts With Better Food

After months and months of imagining, testing, and developing our delicious and nutritious food, and the countless steps in between (trust us, there is so much that goes into starting a company!) we are finally here – it’s time to celebrate the official LAUNCH of Happy Howl!

For us, this is the culmination of thousands of hours of work, all fueled by love – love for the dogs that we are so ecstatic to continue helping now that we can finally begin to get Happy Howl into the homes of beloved pups across the country.

But for you – our friends, family, fans, and future Happy Howlers out there, this is the beginning of a new journey for you and your pup! Maybe it’s a step toward a healthier, happier life filled with good, wholesome food – the kind that’ll help you say goodbye to kibble forever! Maybe it’s your very first order of food for your brand new rescue pup whose life you just changed forever, thanks to the loving, caring home you’ve invited them into. Maybe it’s just the fact that 2020 is over, and you’re shedding any brands that no longer put passion at the forefront of everything they do – brands who simply do things for profit over a purpose (that’s how we got here to begin with! We were fed up with other “recommended” dog foods on the market – all their claims, and yet the lack of actual care and love they put into their product. Read more about our founder’s story here.

No matter which path brought us together, we’re just happy you’re here, and we’re thrilled to be sharing our journey with you! Cheers to happier, healthier dogs – and better food!

Get to know the Happy Howl brand – blue, green, and giving

Happy Howl began in the kitchen of Colin, our founder – after he sought a better option for feeding his best friend Rocky. As we celebrate our launch, we’re proud to say Happy Howl has evolved into so much more – now we’re a community that strives to bring the best food possible to dogs, all while helping to feed rescue pups along the way.

But at Happy Howl, we’ll always be true to our giving roots, and we channel our brand ethos (dogs over profit)  in everything that we do. From the way we’ve structured our company to help rescues and dog-obsessed partners at every step, to our overarching goal: change the lives of 50 million dogs – we plan to do it all while having tons of fun along the way.

That’s why we wanted dogs, and our love for them, to be the face of our food – from our bright blue and green logo and branding (with our cute little Rocky pup as the letter “H” in our logo mark), to our quirky, dog-centric design and packaging.

Beyond our colorful persona, we are truly a group of dog-loving people who want to make a difference in the lives of pups. And our brand attributes speak to our collective character – because when you’re in the market for a healthier brand of dog food, and you’re wondering who’s really on the other end of the package, and you think about the kind of people you expect to be creating, cooking, and delivering you healthy, wholesome meals with such incredibly high standards – we want you to be 100% confident that we are people who care about your dog as much as you do.

What makes the Happy Howl brand different?

We’re transparent – so get to know our brand attributes, and who we are as a company.

Our founder Colin and his pal Rocky (a Husky) are fun-loving, athletic, and love adventure. So naturally, that spirit leads our outlook on life as a company. From our ingredients, to our exercise, we prefer to be bold, exciting, and full of happiness. (Otherwise, the name Happy Howl wouldn’t really fit, would it?)

As for the rest of the Happy Pack, well...we range from the surfing type, to the couch potato type, to the jet-setting, city-loving type. Some of us, like Colin and Rocky, are down for any outdoor excursions – hiking, biking, camping, boating – you name it. But at the end of the day, we’re all passionate about what we do, ‘cause that’s how we live our lives. One thing’s for sure though – at the end of the day, we can all agree on some good ol’ R&R. (Snuggle naps with our pups, especially!)

When it comes to our work ethic, there’s no doubt about it: we strive for the best, and thrive when it comes to getting stuff done and achieving great things. We are small but mighty, and we do what it takes to make things happen! As a team of experts from all different backgrounds, we’ve come together and are united by our passion for dogs – which fuels everything we do! Especially when we get the chance to help rescue pups along the way. We are dog people to the bone, and our best friends’ health and happiness is at the core of every decision we make. Dogs over profit – that’s our motto. When you’re part of our pack, you can always trust in us to do the right thing.

At Happy Howl, we’re here to give you a convenient, healthy option for feeding your best friend – and a way to give back to dogs while doing it

It’s not as easy as it sounds. In fact, making sure we get the details right and ensuring that we are set up to start giving back to rescues and dogs in need as soon as we launch – it’s taken us quite a while! But we’re so happy we did! And now, we’re happy to have so many wonderful dog lovers on board too. 

This has been the part of the journey we’ve all been looking forward to! Because who doesn’t want to see the happy faces of rescued dogs and the wagging tails of dogs whose bellies are full?! The playful videos of dogs running, jumping, walking, snuggling – whatever they’re doing – and all the while, they’re doing it with healthier meals in them, and they’re getting the nutrients they need. 

And with a majority of our company’s development taking place during COVID, we believe – now more than ever – that it’s our personal responsibility to help the people who help dogs. Rescues, shelters, sanctuary's, groomers, doggy daycares, trainers, and vets alike – these communities of people dedicate their lives to caring for our dogs, and they’re hurting. So we’re dedicated to helping these key sectors of the pet industry through our Dog Obsessed Partnership Program

Join our pack and feel the love - and see the smiling pups you’re helping!

So as we commemorate this exciting day in Happy Howl history, we’re looking forward to a future filled with happier pups. We hope your pup will be one of them! But even more so, we hope your pup will be just one of the reasons why a hungry dog who’s just been rescued has a delicious, healthy meal in his bowl tonight. Because that’s why we’re all here – to give back!

If you’ve signed up for Happy Howl meals, congratulations! You get to look forward to more than just healthier food that’ll fuel your pup will all that good stuff – you also get to see the pups whose lives you’ve made a difference in! Because in each order of Happy Howl, we’re sharing our rescue success stories for all to see. It’s what keeps us doing what we do, and we are thrilled to get to share these stories with you too!

Thanks so much for your support in our mission, and for joining us in believing that Dogs Deserve Better.

The Happy Howl Team
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