What makes Happy Howl dog food different?

What makes Happy Howl dog food different?

We’re a new breed of dog food with one belief: dogs deserve better

But what exactly do we mean by better? Depending how you think about it, that statement could mean a lot of different things – better lives, better treatment, better opportunities, better access to good care and good people, and most of all, better food. And in a saturated market filled with so many different types of dog food to choose from: fresh cooked, frozen, farm-to-table, shelf-stable, healthy organic, etc – what could we possibly mean by “we’re a new breed of dog food”?

The truth is, our food is not some revolutionary new recipe that no one’s ever seen before. But it is very different from traditional, over-processed kibble and many of the other “meats” you’ll find hiding behind deceptively-smart packaging labels on the shelves of your local pet shop or supermarket. Happy Howl food is made up from an assortment of healthy, tried & true ingredients that we know are nutritional and nourishing for dogs – and it’s all very familiar stuff. Like spinach, brown rice, blueberries, and a single source of protein. They’re the exact ingredients that our founder Colin combined to help his Siberian Husky Rocky overcome his bout with crippling allergies and stomach issues, after months and months of researching and trial and error – and they’re exactly what you’ll find in our meals today, cooked the exact same way that Colin cooked it.

So when we say we’re a new breed of dog food” – yes, we mean it’s the love, the dedication, the relentless “stop at nothing less than the best possible recipe” attitude that makes our dog food different.

But that’s still not what makes Happy Howl different.

It’s beyond what we put in our dog food. It’s what we do with that love, that dedication, that passion. We pass it on.

That’s where we differ from the rest. We pass on our love to the rescue dogs that need it most. The wise old pups who’ve seen yet another family pass them by in search for a younger, “cuter,” more rambunctious pup. The little yappy scrappy pups who maybe look a little different, but whose hearts are ten times as golden as their fluffy rescue-mates. The all-too-familiar bully mixes who constantly (and sadly) get overlooked. And all the big and little, fluffy and wiry-haired wonders whose unfortunate luck it is that they’ve wound up surrendered, lost, or stranded in yet another shelter, awaiting rescue.

Those are the pups who make our mission meaningful – the ones we do it all for. Because we’re more than just a dog food company. Were more than just healthy, wholesome meals made for all wags of life. We’re more than a group of dog-obsessed pet parents who’ll stop at nothing to help pups in need. 


We’re a community built around the idea that dogs deserve better, that also happens to sell dog food

That’s who we are. And if you’re a Happy Howler like us, then we know who you are too.

Like us, you’re a dog lover who’s obsessed with your pup. Your dog is your whole world, and their happiness and health come first, always. And with so many healthier food options on the market (like we mentioned above) it’s hard to decide which one is right for your dog. But one thing’s for sure – if it’s your mission to help your dog live its happiest, healthiest life ever – and if you want to pass that love on to as many dogs as you possibly can, then we hear you.

That’s why we're here in the first place! 


We give back to rescue dogs with every bowl of food we sell

When it comes to our mission to help rescue dogs in need, that’s our motto – we give back with every bowl.

To us, it’s a reminder of the good we’re able to do while keeping so many dogs healthy and happy. And while we’re helping your dog, we can all rejoice in the fact that every bowl sold also feeds rescue pups in need. And we’re not just about donating “a small percentage of our profits to help dogs” like you might hear other brands touting. That’s not our shtick. We’re truly giving bowls full of yummy goodness to real dogs – dogs with names and faces and stories. Dogs with their own funny little quirks and favorite chew toys. Dogs who we get to see enjoying their Happy Howl meals – and dogs you get to see when you open your shipment of Happy Howl and find their smiling face looking right up at ya! These are the dogs who you’re actually helping when you order Happy Howl yourself.

That’s why we created our Happy Dogs Promise – which is our community that connects dog-obsessed do-gooders (let’s call them the Happy Howl helpers) with pups in need, so we can all band together to feed furry tribes far and wide!



  • Every time you order Happy Howl, we designate a portion of the profits to our rescue fund (this is where you come in!)

  • We look for rescue organizations that align with our mission and shake paws with them

  • We use our rescue funds to help send Happy Howl meals to the rescues we partner with

  • Our rescue partners feed Happy Howl to all the pups in need – there are so many!

  • The more rescues we hear about (we’re always accepting recommendations!) the more pups we can help feed

But this community can’t exist without those do-gooders we mentioned! That’s everyone from doggie groomers and daycares to trainers, vets, and – of course – rescuers. That’s why it’s also part of our mission (a huge part, actually) to help all of these dog-obsessed folks, so they can continue to carry out the great work they’re doing for our beloved pups! 



It’s our way of giving back to the Happy Howl helpers. As partners, we can help them raise just a little extra money to help the dogs awaiting their furever homes in the rescues. We can help one extra dog a week escape being euthanized because of a lack of funds at the rescue. We can help the dog-loving businesses who’ve been hit with shutdowns and who face massive undercuts in revenue to run their operations. Through the Happy Howl Dog-Obsessed Partnership (our revenue-sharing program), we can help them all.

We can go on and on about it (because we’re that excited about it) but you can read even more about our partnership program here. 

But in essence, with as little as 5 dogs per month ordering Happy Howl from one of our partners’ network, a dog-obsessed partner can make up to $5,000 a year in extra revenue to go straight to those who need it the most. That’s what we’re doing to thank those who care about dogs as much as we do.

If you can’t’ tell by now – or if we haven’t said it enough (we doubt that!) – we’re obsessed with dogs.



So that brings us back to who we are – how could a company care SO MUCH about dogs over profit? Well, if you haven’t read our founder Colin’s story then you can always play catch-up! (Or just play catch, we love that game too.)

We’re all dog parents with little puppers who’ve had a huge impact on our lives in one way or another. We are all big softees with a void in our hearts that can only be filled with happy dogs. We are all those people who just cannot watch another sad dog video or read another statistic about dogs being euthanized, underfed, neglected, or anything other than loved 1,000%.

We’re people who still believe in the magic of kindness and giving. And giving back to those in need – those without voices, just woofs.

We’re here to do good for all dogs, and we’re looking for even more like minded folks to join our dog-obsessed community and our Happy Howl family. 

We’re the first dog food company founded with a mission to change the lives of all dogs alike, through good, healthy food that actually gives back.

Because good food leads to healthier dogs – which leads to more tail wags, more walks, more snuggle time, more fighting over that cozy cushion on the couch, more road trips to national parks, more mini-trips to the dog park, and more time spent going anywhere their little woofing heart desires. But most of all – more dog years.

Because why shouldn’t dogs live longer?

We think they should. But hey, we’re a new breed of dog food – what do we know :)


With love & lots of wags,
The Happy Pack

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