Fresh, Human-Grade Dog Food

Stays fresh in your pantry. No freezing required.

Our complete & balanced meals are prepared with all-natural real ingredients and zero preservatives to help dogs lead longer, happier lives.

  • Vet-Formulated Recipes

    Our recipes aren't just delicious - they're designed by vets to combat health and digestive problems

  • Real Ingredients

    100% all-natural ingredients exceed all AFFCO standards and provide complete and balanced nutrition

  • No Freezing Required

    Our revolutionary Steam & Pressure preparation process means meals stay fresh in your pantry for up to 2 years

  • Give Your Pup an Energy Boost

    - More active behavior

    - Weight management

    - Prevent heart disease

  • Relief for Sensitive Tummies

    - Help with diarrhea & vomiting

    - Perfect for picky eaters

    - Prevent pancreatitis & gastrointestinal illnesses

  • Long-Term Health Improvements

    - Skin & fur conditions

    - Sarcoma & tumor prevention

    - Diabetic treatment

The Best Nutrition at the Best Price

  • Happy Howl price comparison. Happy howl is $2.74 per pound.

Half the Cost of Just Food for Dogs

Priced per pound, we offer healthier recipes at a lower cost than Just Food For Dogs, Ziwi Peak, and Blue Buffalo

Cooked in USDA Certified Kitchens

All our food is hand-made in a kitchen regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Real Ingredients, Simple Recipes

There's no mystery to our recipes, just high-quality, all-natural ingredients.

Every Order Feeds a Rescue Dog

We donate healthy food, supplies, and medical assistance to animal rescues across America.

  • Melanie Glenn & Husky, Romeo

    “Romeo goes crazy for all three Happy Howl recipes! I feel great knowing I’m feeding my dog the right amount of food and giving him fresh fruit, vegetables, and protein that kibble can’t match.”

  • Victor Nicastro & Beagle, Gus

    “I have never seen Gus enjoy a bowl of food like he did with Happy Howl. It looked and smelled so good that we thought it was made for actual humans!”

  • Julia Feschcenko & Golden Retriever, Wilfred

    “My puppy absolutely loves it. He usually gets an upset stomach after his meals, but not with Happy Howl. This is a huge win for us!”