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Happy Howl

Happy Howl VIP Care 60-Day Onboarding Program

Happy Howl VIP Care 60-Day Onboarding Program

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Happy Howl VIP Care 60-Day Onboarding Program


Introducing the easiest way to ensure you never waste another dollar buying dog food that doesn't work for your dog. Happy Howl's VIP Care Program will help assist you over the next 60 days of your dogs health journey to get your pup to their healthiest and happiest level. Once you select a program tier and complete your purchase, you will be matched with one of our dedicated Canine Care Advisors who will work directly with you every step of the way for the next 60 days! 

Transform your dog's diet with personal & personalized and support from our dedicated & professional Canine Care Advisors. Enjoy a seamless 60-day transition to Happy Howl with tailored transition, feeding, supplement and treat recommendation plans, ongoing personalized expert guidance, and exclusive resources. 


1. BRONZE Care Service - $199:

    • Dedicated account representative.
    • Initial onboarding call (via phone or Zoom video preferred)
    • Weekly check-ins via email.
    • Personalized onboarding plan.
    • Access to exclusive resources.

2. SILVER Care Service - $349:

    • All BRONZE services PLUS
    • Bi-weekly phone check-ins.
    • Custom health reports at 30 and 60 days.
    • Priority email and text support.

3. GOLD Care Service - $499:

    • All BRONZE and SILVER services PLUS
    • Weekly phone check-ins.
    • Detailed monthly health reports.
    • Unlimited email and text support directly with your Canine Care Advisor.
    • Personalized dietary, treat & supplement recommendations.
    • Activity and monitoring schedule.
    • Additional 4-month check-in call. 


1. Dedicated Account Representative:

    • Your personal pet advisor for the 60-day period.
    • Available via phone, email, or text for all your questions.

2. Personalized Onboarding Plan:

    • Customized feeding schedule and transition tips.
    • Detailed initial assessment based on your dog's needs.

3. Regular Check-ins:

      • Weekly or bi-weekly updates to monitor progress.
      • Immediate support for any transition issues.

4. Exclusive Resources:

    • Access to nutritional guides, feeding tips, and health monitoring tools.
    • Invitations to webinars and expert Q&A sessions.

5. Customized Health Reports:

    • Receive health progress reports at 30 and 60 days.
    • Personalized recommendations for ongoing health.


Welcome Process:

1. Purchase and Questionnaire:

    • Add the VIP Onboarding service to your cart and complete the purchase.
    • Receive a welcome email with a questionnaire to complete and booking link for your initial call.

2. Initial Onboarding Call:

    • Discuss your dog's specific needs with your dedicated representative.
    • Receive a customized onboarding plan.
    • Get immediate answers for any specific questions you have related to your dogs health and wellness journey.

3. Regular Check-ins:

    • Scheduled follow-ups to ensure a smooth transition.
    • Adjustments to the plan as needed.

4. Ongoing Support:

    • Direct communication with your representative.
    • Timely responses to all queries within 12 hours.


5. Final Health Report:

    • Comprehensive report at the end of 60 days.
    • Long-term care recommendations.
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