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Happy Howl

Feed BGLW Misfits

Feed BGLW Misfits

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Happy Howl's most beloved partnership lies in the heart of the Misfits at Big Guy Little's World Sanctuary, led by the devoted Bobby Humphreys. 

Due to our overwhelming emotional and personal attachment to BGLW, as well as their mission and vision for the dogs they provide a better life for, we have developed a NEW program to allow for our customers and the BGLW to donate Happy Howl directly to the Misfits through either a one-time or recurring monthly donation.

How it works:

1. Choose the amount of meals you would like to donate to feed the Misfits at BGLW.

2. Choose whether you would like to make a one-time donation, or if you would like to set up your donation to occur every 30 days. (You can cancel at anytime through your account settings).

3. Once you checkout & pay, the funds will be deposited directly into BGLW's partner account. 100% of funds will go directly toward feeding the Misfits at BGLW on an ongoing basis.

4. Happy Howl will match each meal donation 1:1 made through this program.

5. Every two weeks, Happy Howl will ship food directly to BGLW.

We greatly appreciate your commitment and support to help make the world and happier and healthier place for dogs -they ALL deserve it!

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Big Guy Little's World

My name is Bobby Humphreys, myself and a dedicated team provide sanctuary for neglected, abandoned and abused chihuahuas.

For the Dogs

I started this endeavor to provide sanctuary for neglected, abandoned and abused chihuahuas. It has since grown into more, whereas I now also try to provide temporary, and at times indefinite sanctuary to chihuahuas in need.