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Happy Howl

30 Meals + Health Guide

30 Meals + Health Guide

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Case Size (Cartons): 1 UNIT = 2 Meals for 25 lb dog


Happy Howl is Partnering with Big Guy Littles World Sanctuary for our Biggest Sale + Biggest Impact of the Year!

  1. YOU Receive a 40% Discount on your first order & 10% Discount Ongoing - Our Biggest Discount Ever!
  2. BGLW Receives a 10% Donation of Your Purchase Price to Support the Sanctuary.
  3. For Subscription Orders, Each Recurring Order will Donate 5% to BGLW.

You will also receive our 30 DAY HEALTH GUIDE to your healthiest dog- The ultimate guide to changing your dogs life forever.

In 90 days, your best friend will be on the long-term path to health - without pills, stinky prescription diets and multi-hundred dollar vet visits. Howl to your dogs future!

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The Island of Howlers!

Why The Misfits Choose Happy Howl

  • 100% Human-Grade Ingredients From US Farms
  • Shelf-Stable for 2 Years With No Preservatives, No Fillers, No Freezing
  • All Food Ingredients Have Been Consumed by Dogs (and humans) for over 12,000 Years
  • Our Dogs Have Been Benefiting From Happy Howl for Over a Year. From Skin Issues, Diabetes, Blindness, Digestive Problems, You Name It!
  • Providing Exclusive Partnerships to Raise Money for Rescues & Sanctuaries like BGLW!

The Prescription-Alternative Dog Food That Every Dog Should Be Eating

100% Human-Grade Ingredients

100% Recyclable
USA Sourced
Cooked in USDA-Grade Kitchen
USA Distributed
Shelf-stable for 2 Years
Zero Preservatives!

100% Clean Label

All-Natural & Cooked Fresh
No Powders
No Fillers
No Byproducts
Soy Free
Grass Fed

#1 Most Healthy Recipe in AAFCO History

Exceeds AAFCO Standards
Picky-Eater Approved
Prescription Alternative
Disease Preventative
Longevity Vitamin Enhancement

Susbcription Discount + 10% BGLW DONATION + FREE SHIPPING

Each Happy Howl order will provide a donation directly back to the Chi's at BGLW Sanctuary!

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